Why Corona Virus Vaccine Is Not Available? How much time will it take?

Why Corona Virus Vaccine Is Not Available 

Written by: Qadeer Qureshi(urdu version)
translated By AjAz Ali

Many people have been questioning why the corona virus is spreading so fast, why its vaccine is not available. Developing a virus vaccine is a very long and patient process - it only takes years to get approval from the government - the first step is to develop a method in which the virus is unable to copy itself. But its proteins are protected by the virus that is attached to the cells - this is not so easy - then experiments are done on animals to make sure the virus is really safe.
It is not easy to find animals that are attacked by human viruses - so genetic engineering sometimes involves making changes in animals so that human viruses can invade them. This process itself is patient and takes time. The vaccine is then tested on these animals for months, the results of these experiments are compiled - then the vaccine is sent to the authorities for approval with this data - the authorities study these reports and if the results If true, allow this vaccine to be tested on a limited scale in humans.
It works on manufacturing, packaging, shipping, distribution channels - scaling the vaccine required for billions of people is not possible in one day - this process can take months or even years. It is only after doing so that the vaccine reaches the public. All of this process costs billions of dollars - the vaccine produced will only be given to the patient once in a lifetime - if by then the virus itself is gone (just like the Corona virus spreads). Has been controlled in China) so there will be no market for this vaccine.
Because of this, many commercial companies may not consider the Corona virus vaccine to be profitable and requesting financial assistance from the government. ) - It may take years for the Corona virus vaccine to become available.

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