What is a Blog? - Explanation of Terms Blog, Blogging.


What is a blog? 

A blog is a formal or informal discussion on a website published on the World Wide Web. A blog may also be defined as an online journal usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material like images,  videos, updated frequently or daily and those who write blogs are known as a blogger. 
     A majority of people still confused whether there is any difference between a blog and a website. Blog owner regularly updates their site and promote perfect reader engagement. While Static websites contain content presented on static pages and Owners rarely update their pages.
        Instead of keeping your thoughts private, you're inviting the public to read them and inspire. It is not necessary to have fixed niche to discuss or post but 

Why I need to become a blogger? 

It provides an Immense learning experience. It might not be for everyone, and it takes a lot of work to do it well but remember once you step in, you’ll reap the rewards!

(Ek baar aaky to dekh qasam maza hi kch aur hai). 

   It helps to straighten out your thinking, develop your thinking and basically help you to give shape to your thought. 
   You can write about your passions, concerns,  learning, and more. You can start to feel empowered about making a difference in the world. 
   If you are a student, then this is the best tool to get knowledge and to explore. you will learn how to shape an essay and its structure. This will benefit you in written exams also.

How do I write a blog? 

You don't need to get any formal documents,  just open your laptop or mobile,  choose a blogging platform and start blogging. 
Suppose u have started blogging, now some point you should keep in mind while writing a  blog;
Find your focus/niche/topic and must contain impressive content, don't copy paste from other. Respond to blog comments frequently. 
If you want to traffic to your blog you can promote via
 Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Anywhere Else You Can. ..

Where do I get a platform for the blog? 

Choose a friendly blogging platform like Edublogs, WordPress, or Blogger to ensure your data is portable.

What are the other benefits of blogging?

   Monetization is the best advantages similar to youtube adds on your blog/website.  You need to customize your blog website,  fully managed with the best content to become eligible for monetization of your website. Remember don't copy paste. 

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What is a Blog? - Explanation of Terms Blog, Blogging.

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