Three kargil students wins heart in Jammu by handover 2Lakh rupees to police

Three kargil students wins heart in Jammu

In today's world, there can be seen lots of murders, looters, thieves, and many more crimes. In such circumstances the probability of honest persons becomes less in number as greedy  haunted the humans internal soul. You may have heard about different cases in your locality and around the globe related to the aforementioned cases.
  But You can take deep breath here and  will pray that such people come and win the hearts of people by showing honesty.
Three kargil students wins hearts in Jammu

In jammu, UT j&k, recently three students from Kargil district of UT ladakh namely
Ajaz Ali, Showkat Ali and Manzur Hussain, while travelling through the street of rehari, they found an envelope on the way and found more than 2lakh rupees inside. They thought about it what to do? Such a huge money is not a joke and later keeping faith in almighty Allah and  Taking care of their faith and respect, the three decided to hand over the envelope to the police and they handover the envelope to deputy inspector Sushil Sharma،police station sarwal. Later the deputy inspector praised their path and decision they choosed and assured them to handover the money to the owner.

   Mashallah, proud moment.

   I am proud of them , the decision they took is an exemplary for other youths and they proved that "Kargil k rehny waley bahut emandar hoty hain".



Unknown said...

Afeen lay fonon, samjho ap logo ne laakho ka Dil Jeet leya hai

Unknown said...

Allha will bless them

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