Another Innovation in Ladakh! what was the innovation?


The adulation is for the doctors, nurses and other health care workers putting themselves at risk on the front lines of the pandemic around the world.
As medical staffs and administration fighting against Coronavirus to protect us from deadly pandemic since its outbreak, and to applaud their duties some heroes emerging individually at the front to join hand with them to fight the COVID-19 by putting ideas into action Which they hold. There we have seen lots of noble work coming into notice from beginning to help the patients like the two nurses earlier at SNM hospital leh who got cash awards from some private organization as a token of thanks. 

And here again an innovator from Leh, Ladakh, namely gyurmet Tamchos from domkhar presented his innovation to the UT administration after working with full consistent and determination and Gifted to the medical staffs of SNM hospital LEH as a token of love and support after explaining its procedure with practical in front of the commissioner secretary, medical staffs and later they applauded his Noble work.
He has done a noble work to save lives from the pandemic diseases.
According to him, his innovation is a machine fitted with Water tank, hand sanitizer, embedded in it and also a handpaper and a dustbin attached at the right side of it.

the working of the machine is as;

 At the bottom of machine there is two button like pad, which works mechanically to draw sanitizer and water without touching hand, when pressing the sanitizer button with our foot, sanitizer comes out on our hand while placing in washbason, and in the same way we draw water fron another tap after washing hand properly. And after that we have to go to the right side of machine where we will get paper to clean hand after that keeping in view the preservation of environment there is dustbin attached to it where we put that waste paper. This is eco-friendly machine made by him. It took for him taround 5 days to complete it and finally his determination worked. Such person is one among hundred in the society, and if there is but have no idea how to use the knowledge.
 We need more person like him. The article is based on the video of himslef circulating on social media.
   Atlast the author would like to wish him further innovation to contribute to the society.


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