21 days lockdown! India

OMG 21 days lockdown!

As lockdown is for another 21 days in the whole country after briefed by PM during a press conference today, later people rushed to the markets to buys stocks. I have penned down this article to bring the ideas to paste on paper for readers.

Here what should you do in the coming 21 days depends on yourself? But I will suggest you for a change. I have changed my mindset about the coming 21 days under quarantine within the four walls.
Let's start;
    I would say surely that in the last week everyone might have spent an average of 4-5 hours daily on social media scrolling the updates, feeds, stories even some may for the whole day until battery let him/her stop.
    But for the coming 21 days if we again do the same mistake, then I will definitely say that we are doing wrong, we are wasting our time, we are wasting money, we are losing our timetable, we are losing our opportunity, etc.
    Suppose if you are a student, during lockdown you have no offline classwork, lectures but you shouldn't leave the daily tome table, study as its rather go for online learning. You have online lectures of any topic, any subject you want, are all available at your fingertips, u just need to go for it. Instead of wasting your time on social media, spent those times on study because 21 days is not a joke.
         I will suggest you here go for an online study.
And if you are an employer, this is the first time you have got such a break, Don't waste your time on social media instead go for some innovative idea, analysis and to guide others about anything that may bring some changes in others.
You can now cook your favorite meal by using the best use of the recipes on YouTube. Or you can now read your favorite book which you were thinking of starting when the time when your office was on.
     what I have scheduled for the coming 21 day's quarantine are mentioned below
As I have been placed myself quarantine like you all for the last two weeks. In those days I can't say how I spent the days within the four walls and you know shocking thing my schedule was like the meal to worship to mobile to sleep. I saw my Facebook analytics tool and I found daily average 3-4 hr only on Facebook, don't know about Instagram, Whatsapp! God knows well.

   But by now I have decided to have something special.

  •  I will go for an online blogging course to further strengthen my hold in this field.
  •  I will go for an online study.
  •  I will go for self-made special food like pakoda, samosa, matar, thukpa, kholaq, etc.
  •  And of course, I will not let the time spend on scrolling faltu comments, feeds, fakes news, etc.
  • I will make the best use of 21 days lockdown to bear some fruitful.
Interesting fact! This is the best time when you can indulge in your hobbies and make the best use of this free time to make yourself happy, fruitful and relaxed. Time will not wait for you, you should use the time on time so that you may not feel regret later.

If you want to suggest some other things to do then welcome in the comment box.

Stay safe but not like the looser.

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Super Merey Bhai, i will try to walk on ur sayings , God blessd you @Falak

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hmmm thankyou

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