SHASHI LAKE is an artificial lake that was built a few decades before by the ancestors of village Sandow in the 20th century. Shashi Lake (popularly known as Shashi Tso) is one of the unexplored lakes of Kargil located 08 km from village Sandow and at a distance of 105 from the district headquarter. It is a beautiful artificial lake located in the upper mountain range of Shashi at an altitude of 4,200 meters (14,000 ft) surrounded by mountains, plateaus on all sides. The lake is bounded by villages from all sides like Lalung from the north side, Karith from the west, Sandow from the south and Darsiks from the east, and considered as water resources for the village Sandow, Yokma kharboo, Samuna.  The lake was not under the tourism department as remained unexplored by the outsiders hence as Hidden beauty at peak.  The lake was built because at that time due to increasing water level in the area of nearly few square kilometers which led to the chance of flood downstream to the villages viz; Sandow

, Yokma kharboo, Samuna. Because these villages were in danger at that time from the destruction of the devastating flood which might harm their shelters as well as seasonal crops, trees.

The lake is now supported by an arch-shaped retaining wall made of stone masonry due to insufficient of funds and materials at that time.
The water level in the lake usually rises up during the month of April may, because of melting of snow in the adjoining areas. Almost up to 4-6 feet of snow covers the whole area in winter and all the water due to the melting of the snow during summer gets accumulate at an area resulting in the rise in the water level of the lake. The lake is surrounded by hills and plateaus from four sides. These hills and plateaus enhance the beauty of the area near the lake. 

The water in the lake is seasonal as depends on snowfall. The lake has extended its beauty to the large area and the nearby areas are full of medicinal plants. unfortunately, the area is yet to explore. The lake remains in frozen state for half of the year. It is famous for its scenic beauty, cool weather, fresh icy water, and adventures like Kayaking and trekking. It is the base camp for trekking to Barbanchanla peak which is the highest peak of Shakar-Chikan. The area surrounding the lake is grazing grounds for livestock of surrounding villagers and wild animals like fox, deer, ibex, wolves, etc. could be seen around the lake drinking water.
 As for flora is concerned, the premise of the lake is full of medicinal plants and other types of herbs shrubs having a great value at commercial level but due to the non-availability of the explorer, still need to disclose. Some researchers used to come there for their study sample, which is easily available for them on the premise. Since ancient times people of the nearby village used to have those medicinal plants used by amchis and other experts to cure the patient in a local manner. still some among them using for different purposes from curing to decoration. Likewise, there are many other places in Ladakh where these medicinal plants are available in abundance but need to explore at a priority level.

How one can reach there?

SHASHI LAKE is located in district Kargil of UT Ladakh, India. One can reach to this lake at a distance of 56kms from Kargil via Soth, Lalung , upto107kms from Kargil via Wakha, Chiktan , and up to 54 km via Karith, Lamsu, Sandow. The lake is situated at an altitude of about 12000fts from the sea level. Though its location at high altitude but has its own beauty. The visitor insists to have shot at there before leaving. It is surrounded by four villages from four side viz;lalung,karith Sandow. Now there is a link road from Sandow to lalung to Kargil passing through the bank of the lake.

Route to the lake

Do we come for a picnic or tour?

 One of the most important parts of life is having a picnic in a year. Nowadays people in different parts of the world used to go for a picnic with family, friends, relatives, etc. Here you have the best spot for picnic whether night stay or day picnic. It has its own natural beauty covered with different herbs, shrubs. Almost 50+ picnic groups visit every year from the last three years before that it was difficult to travel up to 5 km by foot as no transport system was there but now well road connectivity from all the three sides available. You have many things to see there. There are horses, domestic cattle, etc. There is a helipad also near to the lake on a plateau of brokpa/darchiks side. The nearby areas are rich in medicinal plants also. Every year people from different villages of the district used to come here for a picnic. A plant with large flat leaves with a flower in the middle of it commonly called Rheum Spiciform (in local language“ LHACHUU “ )

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