Location : SHASHI LAKE is located in district Kargil of state Jammu and Kashmir,India. One can reach to this lake at a distance of 56kms from kargil via soth, lalung , upto107kms from kargil via wakha,chiktan , and up to 54 km via kaarith lamsu,Sandow. This lake is situated at an altitude of about 12000fts from the sea level. It is surrounded by four villages from all four side viz;lalung,karith,Sandow. Now there is link road from Sandow to lalung to Kargil passing through the bank of the lake.

ways by which one can reach to the lake are,

kargil >lalung>shashi lake
kargil>mulbek>chiktan>sandow>shashi lake
kargil>sanjak>lalung>shashi lake
leh> sanjak>sandow>shashi lake

PICNIC SPOT:- one of the most important parts of life is having a picnic in a year. Nowadays people in different part of world used to go for a picnic with family, friends, relatives etc . Here you have the best spot for picnic whether night stay or day picnic. It has its own natural beauty covered with different herbs, shrubs. Almost 50+ picnic groups visit every year from last three years before that it was difficult to travel up to 5 km by foot as no transport system were there but now well road connectivity from all the three sides available. You have many things to see there. There is horses, domestic cattle, etc. There is a helipad also near to the lake on a plateau of brokpa/darchiks side. The nearby areas are rich in medicinal plants also. Every year people from different villages of the district used to come here for picnic .A plant with large flat leaves with a flower in the middle of it commonly called in local language“ LHACHUU “

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