Study Room Away From Room(public library)

Date: 07/12/2019
place: jammu

Library na chaat ya! 


Every one of you definitely knows the word library which means a book bank. It provides various other sources of information for reading on its premises as well as borrowing for home. The collection of the library can include books, manuscripts, magazines, periodicals, videos, audios, DVDs and various other formats.

However, I am talking about another kind of library that is almost the same in name but is different. It is a place where people, especially students, go to study their own books. In fact, most students seem to prefer in these libraries. It has a major presence in the lives of students nowadays and I am extremely fascinated by the idea. 
I did not know much about the concept of a library during my days in school in Kargil. We have a small district library that is barely a few square metres in area. It is located on a school campus, which means it is not very easily accessible. We had never used a library till we reached secondary school. No one guided us to a library study or prepare for exams. In fact, we used to study in our own classrooms with someone next to us wielding a stick
For us, library means a small room with few comic and pictured books which is used to be in our school but unfortunately, we were not prepared that much to study extra books as already burdened by bulky School books. With the passage of time, I came to know that students (ladakhi) outside district, especially in Jammu, used to go the library to study there for long hours which was strange for me. My fellows who left for Jammu also claimed the same and I dreamed of having myself in Jammu to feel the taste of the library.


When I came here to Jammu, I joined my friends but the strange thing was that the room where I stayed, found myself alone for the whole day within four-wall because all of them went to the library. Their busy library schedule left a question mark for me!!

And slowly with the increases in student migration from the region to Jammu especially during winter and consequences is the establishment of a large number of libraries even by own locals too. Today area like sarwal there is libraries available to students at every step. 

New libraries are set up advertising as free wifi, Ac room, A class study atmosphere, etc. Even Entrepreneurs nowadays investing in such libraries as it becomes a business part for them.

Coming to my experience when I joined the first time. I found myself hang out when I saw a large no of students hang to their own cabin studying without any noises except a footstep because that was mine😋. I seated on one of the cabin and when I opened my book for the first 10 minutes I felt myself uncomfort as my mind started thinking, what to study and why so much silence. Slowly I became familiar with the environment inside the library and I managed 3 hrs of study without any break on the first day and I realized the importance of such environment because honestly at home I used to study hardly one hour without break at home as Khana, chaye, things surrounding, etc distracting. Slowly Things moving on and I even forgot holidays as I found myself born to read books.

Zyada to nahi hua😋 

You may wonder why such libraries are important. In my opinion there are multiple reasons why libraries are important for a student:-

  1. one can study for long hours without any disturbance which is almost difficult in own room.
  2. One can study on youtube video lectures(free internet) with pen in hand to notes down.
  3.  One can left books there for long hours even for days.
  4. if one not willing still may force to study of being seeing others studying.
  5.  Thinking "arey yaar ghar sy padny k liye to aaye hain, kam az kam ek ganta to padho" .

I believe, Library is a heaven for a student, a teacher and of course for all those who are fond of reading even it be only just for the sake of reading. This is the magic of a unique place that is – a library. This is because, the very ethics of entering a library is basically, the understanding of every individual entering – to keep quiet, and maintain the silent sanctity of the place so that no one disturbs while you entering.

Note:-The habit of reading can be developed in younger days. So, it is my earnest suggestion to all students to develop the habit of reading, which in turn can be best achieved in a library.

I wish someone may open a library for students in our district because this is a great revolution in students life according to me.

Such an environment is not possible at home because something may disturb you in any way to distract form study.

An exceptional case is exceptional.

Suggestions in the comment box.

Inconvenience regretted.


Unknown said...

Same environment in delhi too

SURFER said...

Really.. glad to hear

Hussain PrinCe said...

was intresting bro...stay blessd����

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