Reasons why we fail.....!!!

Why we fail whenever we start to do something.

Reasons why we fail.....!!!

When we start our work of interest and may doing with the hope of success when it reaches a stage where it becomes a little bit hard and we give up there. Actually, that shouldn't happen we have to start again with analyses and know the causes of the failure and that is necessary for us to go ahead. remember that making mistake is not a bad but repeating the same mistake is.

  The moment you accept full responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you empower yourself to start making changes.
   Many successful people in the world you have seen that they have been failed while they were at startup/beginner. history is full of stories of successful persons who failed many times but never gave up and they learned from those mistakes.

while doing something as a beginner we directly think about the last stage of the game and thinking about the last stage to get in a short period of time but that should not happen as it takes times to germinate s seed and it is a natural principle.
None of the projects will end within a unit of work. there is a need of forbearance and that definitely will take time to get complete. YOU need to work with forbearance either it takes a year or more to achieve the goal. Never let the failure draw you down, use them as key to success. There you need to change the way but the goal is the same. let us take an example :
      a crow becomes thirsty and he goes in search of water. in the meantime, he found a vessel containing little water at the bottom of it. The crow tried to drink water but the vessel was too depth and he failed to get but he never thinks about the gave up, he went to get some pebbles of stone from nearby and start throwing in the vessel slowly the water rise upward to the mouth of the vessel and was high enough for the crow to drink.

In this world, we have lots of option to choose for the interest whether it is business or some other task. There we need to plan for the task and make sure that we don't indulge in other things as sidewise, this will distract the concentration and interest from the main task which will may cost in future. We need to fight for a single task if really want to achieve that.

A Sportsman has to work as a player, an educator have to work as a teacher etc there may some exceptional case.

The aforementioned points are in accordance with experience.

In conclusion, we have to work with forbearance and should have an interest and must bear some potential to do and accept failure as a key to success.

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