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Hello, everyone my name is AJAZ ALI. I am from Kargil Ladakh. I am a part-time blogger with an engineering background.

You know, there was a time in Ladakh when we had no approach to the internet and life was so worse in terms of all kinds of stuff. But the Usage of the internet slowly becomes familiar to some people in the region. I remember once upon a time, my friend used to say that he made an account on Facebook claiming to have lots of foreign friends and the way he was using Facebook, at the moment I found something the wrong concept in my mind regarding the usage as I thought might b illegal (hehe actually I was not familiar with Facebook even I heard that for the first time. With the passage of time internet connectivity has reached almost every corner of the region but still, 21st century is similar to the 19th for some remote areas in Ladakh, inshallah they will get soon connectivity.
And I started my facebook journey but tragic was the speed of the internet, OMG it was 2G(2kbps to 10kbps) and I can't forget that.
we used to have the data plan of 20MB, 50MB, maximum of 1GB (rarely).

Slowly the time passed with blissful memories dropping behind, and came to know about youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. But there is a guy behind my blogging, (KHADIM HUSSAIN) who inspired me to write articles, contents and lot.

Finally, I came to know about the blog and I analyzing the blogging field in 2k18, later started my own blog. There is no specified niche for my blog, but I described it under my blog header. hope for a successful blog.

(a short story about my social world)

The internet is now a primary source for knowledge about every single small creature on this earth. Surfing the internet remains a hobby for me for the last 4 years and still is. 

YOU can connect with me on ;
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Youtube. Civil Be Easy

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