hello, guys here I am going to tell you one important thing being a civil engineering student. If you are preparing for SSC JE, gate, ies, etc and you have never heard about SIRJIONLINE then read the article....

Sirjionline is an online platform on youtube channel where you can get an online youtube video lecture of every subject including non-technical too. They usually used to have live streaming video lectures on each day according to their time schedule. There is a mentor namely SIR NIKHIL GOYEL, who teaches almost all civil engineering subjects for the SSC JE, GATE, IES DMRC, LMRC AND SO, MANY COMPETITIVE EXAMS. I personally got Nikhil sir as the best tutor on youtube. He used to teach each and every concept from basic with full content. YOU can see yourself. His way of teaching is mind-blowing and I can compare him with made easy teachers because he is for those students who cant effort that much of fee to go made easy ies master etc. sirjionline provide free lectures with the best content and other formalities for students.
I am sharing my personal opinion about SIRJIONLINE TEAM especially NIKHIL SIR:

I am a civil engineering graduate and preparing for gate 2020. I canceled the dream of made easy just because I can't effort the fee. BUT fortunately, I got Nikhil sir on youtube while searching for the video lecture. Earlier he used to teach with wifistufy team later joined SIRJIONLINE i am following him since June 2019. His lectures are almost around 1-2hrs long with the full concept from basics. His lectures are streaming online and can watch offline too.
I suggest that once you go to their youtube lecture and decide for yourself...